Like many who probably seek out Dr. Lasko, we've been through many confusing and frustrating medical appointments. Trying to understand a variety of concerning symptoms and not feeling understood or heard is isolating and scary. For us, it left us feeling helpless that we didn't know what to do for our 12 year old daughter.

From the first phone call we had with Dr. Lasko, we finally felt heard, understood, and hopeful. He is without a doubt the kindest and most understanding doctor we have ever met. In our experience his attention to detail, problem solving skills, and bedside manner are unequaled. The week we spent at his clinic was life altering. We learned a tremendous amount about the causes of the symptoms and how they synthesize, felt supported, and most importantly, we were given hope that with time and commitment, we can make a difference for our daughter.

We have seen online where other people have called him a "legend" and our first hand experience has done nothing but make that feel like an understatement. We cannot recommend highly enough that anyone facing the challenges he works with should invest in the opportunity to work with him.

March 2022

I suspect that I developed POTS in early adolescence, though I just played it off as laziness and weight problems (That's what the doctors and phys ed teachers said at least). I got tired easily, and upon any type of exertion, I struggled to breath, got dizzy, heart rate went up etc. This lead me to a very sedentary lifestyle that allowed me to coast my way through until my late 20s.

In my late 20s, I herniated a disc in my low back, and after 3 years of failed treatments, I had back surgery. Roughly a year post surgery, I started experiencing really severe headaches (they got so bad they caused blindness in one eye) with no known origin, causing a round of testing for brain cancer. Roughly a year later, I had graduated college, had moved off, and started my "dream job."

That's when life fell apart.

I started experiencing tremendous anxiety, and despite massive quantities of antidepressants , sedatives, pain medicine, antiseizure medications..... It was uncontrolable. I began having incidences of blackout rage, visual distortions; the list goes on and on. After months of failed attempts at trying to reduce my symptoms, my primary care doctor, on a hunch, suspected some sort of cardiac issue. I was referred to a cardiac specialist, where I underwent extensive testing, and was subsequently diagnosed (and treated for) POTS.

I began the standard course of treatment for POTS, including the addition of medicines to regulate my pulse. They worked for awhile. Then stopped. Dosages were upped about every 6 weeks. I went through the max dosage of one medicine. Then another.

Then I had to stop working.

Next thing I know, I'm living with my parents again, because I cannot care for myself. I was about to get in to see the "World wide experts" in dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system. More testing ensued, as did more diagnoses. Hyperandrogenic POTS. EDS-III.

More medicines. More testing.

Fast forward to 8 months ago, a virtual stranger reached out to me. After hearing of my struggles with my help, he made me an offer: "I know this guy in Southeastern Pennsylvania who works miracles."

I thought to myself, "yeah right. Ok. What do I have to lose?"

I flew up to see Dr. Lasko with little hope. My quality of life was horrible. I laid in bed sick most days; only getting up to use the restroom and eat. I was up to 23 different prescription medications multiple times a day, just to survive. What do I have to lose?

I was open minded but skeptical when I first saw Dr. Lasko. I went in to the arrangement with no expectations (so any improvement would be fantastic) and was honestly a bit taken back and confused after the first day. His methodologies were something I was totally unfamiliar with. However, after about 1.5 days of him "peeling away the layers of onion" he quickly convinced me that he knew his stuff.

Dr. Lasko began asking (what I thought was) random questions: "are you sensitive to this, were you exposed to that, did this happen...? And so on. Then there was the testing... Lights shone in one eye at a time, exposure to various colors of light, spatial recognition, balance, coordination, etc., and how my brain\body responded to these stimuli. I was exhausted, but at the end of 3 days, we were on the way to making me better.

I spent 3 weeks... 5 days a week, with Dr. Lasko, one on one, for a minimum of 2-3 hours at a time. It was one of the most mentally and emotionally exhausting experiences of my life. And the results.... Well, the results speak for themselves.

I was taking 23 different prescription medications multiple times a day to control and/or regulate my heart, digestive system, neurological system... Antidepressants, stimulants, anxiety meds... You name it, I was on some form of it. Today, roughly 6 months later, I take a Probiotic and a half of an anti-anxiety medication. That's it. I've lost 40lbs. I've gained...

I've gained back the power and control I lost because of illness. I gained hope. I gained the ability to self regulate my body; to not be dependant upon 50 pills a day to "keep me alive."

My journey to healing is my own, but Dr. Lasko is who set me on that path, and gave me the tools to battle whatever may pop up along my way to a better life.

May 2020

"Prior to working with Dr. Kevin Lasko in early 2018, I had truly reached the depths of despair.
I spent nearly seven years adjusting to what I was told would be a life of disability, chronic pain and ‘incurable’ conditions.

At thirty nine years of age, my heart rate was consistently that of a race horse (130-220bpm), and my weight was childlike and dangerous (79 lbs.). Most doctors were left scratching their heads, but not Dr. Lasko.

The first thirty three years of my life, genetic and orthopedic issues were missed, and every symptom was (infuriatingly) treated through psychiatry.

At thirty four, I had a freak accident involving whiplash, and the diagnoses began piling up.
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Spina Bifida, tethered cord, scoliosis, Dysautonomia, Lyme, PANS and so on.

The stretch-induced cord injury was missed, a virus took hold, I experienced an emotional trauma...and that was when my nervous system became entirely stuck in sympathetic overdrive.
Constant fight or flight.
My ability to heal had all but ceased.

So many missed diagnoses, misdiagnoses, surgeries and an obscene amount of medications.

I came upon Dr. Lasko just as I was fresh out of hope, had lost all faith in healthcare, and nearly submitted to further surgical procedures out of desperation.

My husband and I could instantly tell that Dr. Lasko was different.
Different in his thinking, approach, dedication, time spent with patients and most importantly...overall understanding of what was truly happening within my body.

His empathy, compassion and knowledge were unlike anything I had experienced, even in the most prestigious medical institutions.

Dr. Lasko does not mask symptoms with medication, nor does he instill fear or lead you to believe it is ‘all in your head’, like I had become accustomed to from ‘experts’ across various fields of medicine.

Dr. Lasko’s sole focus is on getting to the root, and helping you heal.
Thanks to him, I have been free of medications and any need for regular medical care, for nearly two years now!

It still seems miraculous, given my circumstances, but Dr. Lasko essentially reset my nervous system and a rapid healing response followed.

His work allowed me to adopt a (post-traumatic) growth mindset.
A lifelong pessimist and depression sufferer, suddenly entirely optimistic and genuinely happy.
Complete shift.

Dr. Lasko is a true healer, and because of him, I am not only alive...but thriving!"

February 2020

"I took my daughter to see Dr. Lasko on the recommendation of a friend. My daughter has Chiari, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Intracranial Hypertension and multiple comorbidities of EDS. She was struggling to maintain her body temperature, having multiple dystonias daily and her resting heart rate was between 115-120. She was not even aware. After spending two weeks with Dr. Lasko, her heart rate was stabilized, she could stop a dystonia on her own without the use of medication and her body temperature was regulated. She had been home bound for ten years and after her time with Dr. Lasko, she was able to travel independently to visit her sister for several weeks.

Dr. Lasko changed her life and I don’t say that lightly. She continues to work on the things he taught her and she is able to help herself. If she needs to return to Dr. Lasko for any help, I will not hesitate. Thank you, Dr. Lasko, for your compassion for my daughter and for using your knowledge and skill to help her. You’ve changed her life in ways I’m forever grateful for."

February 2020

"Since working with Dr. Lasko, my eyes were opened to the countless ways the nervous system runs the show – good and bad. Prior to meeting him, I saw countless doctors in each specialty who prescribed medications and didn’t look beyond their “specialty” to the place where all symptoms overlapped. When I met Dr. Lasko, I was suffering from daily full-body dystonic episodes and had exhausted all other treatment options. I had never heard of functional neurology and didn’t know it was the missing piece linking everything together.

He treated me for several weeks/hours a day, using countless methods After working with him, I no longer have dystonias and have what I need to prevent them from happening. Continued therapy long-term has also positively affected my heart rate, blood pressure, neurotransmitters, muscle control, gastro-intestinal issues, balance, sensory processing, anxiety and OCD, gaze stability, “fight or flight” tendency, and cranial nerve function.

The way that Dr. Lasko knows exactly which area in the brain to excite or inhibit - and which hemisphere it needs to be done in - is the key to the success of his treatment. He is very kind, understanding, and adaptable to any circumstance that your body requires. He provides you with knowledge and tools necessary to continue retraining your system at home and explains things in a way that makes sense. Despite altered neuropathways from surgical corrections, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and a decade + of symptoms, this treatment has proven to be life-changing."

January 2020