24-year-old female with significant hyperhidrosis


A 24-year-old female with significant hyperhidrosis that caused her to have to change clothes 5-6x/day as well as 4x/night. Significant digestive issues, including constipation and causing her to “never be hungry.”


Chiari Malformation, EDS (Hypermobility Type 3), Dystonia, Hyperhidrosis, Gastroparesis, POTS, MCAS, headaches and swallowing difficulties


Chiari Decompression, multiple cervical spine fusions, multiple VP and LP shunts


Hydrocortisone, Metropolol, Cyclobenzaprine, Diazapam, Benedryl, Diaudid and multiple others

Exam Findings

Several cranial nerve abnormalities, including pupil abnormalities, eye motility issues, palatal paresis, abnormal gag reflex and tongue deviation. Absent bowel sounds over 15 minutes of monitoring. Multiple motor dysfunctions in upper and lower extremities including dystonia and tremors. Multiple cerebellar dysfunctions. Spatial awareness difficulties.


Somatosensory therapies for two weeks with at-home exercises given to the patient at the end of care.


Hyperhidrosis has stopped. She no longer has to change clothing during the day or at night. She is hungry multiple times during the day eating at appropriate times. Dystonias have stopped. Headaches decreased by 50%. She is able to control the mast cell activation better with therapies. POTS symptoms have stopped-she is able to rise from a seated position with no symptoms. She was able to move to Florida and live with her sister.

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